About Us
Duke's Delivery was founded in 2006 by Devalyn Duke and Jonny Watkins. At the time Jonny worked for a Manufacturing supplier and Devalyn was going to school. The two got together over a campfire and came up with a plan to offer deliveries for local manufacturing suppliers and manufacturers in the Jonesboro,Ar and North East Arkansas areas. Once Devalyn graduated, they decided to continue the business full time, hiring additional staff to meet growing customer demands.

Since then, this team has grown to provide a wide vareity of delivery needs. 

However, No matter how large we’ve grown, personalized and friendly service is still very important to us. We recognize your voice on the phone. We remember details and are committed to follow through. We want to ease your delivery experience.

Devalyn Duke has worked with various manufacturers over the years and as a Production Manager at a local pallet manufacturer.

Jonny Watkins has worked at various manufacturers over the years as well as spending many years in the Manufacturing Supply Industry.

This team understands the needs of the manufacturing industry! We take great Pride in our work and strive to make our customers look good at all times by being fast, safe and effecient!

We invite you to look at our contact us page and stop by and visit with us or give us a call anytime so when can find out more about how we can meet your needs.

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We are proud members of The Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce  www.jonesborochamber.org and the

Jonesboro University Rotary